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BoothBook is it worth it? A case study:

Before we started using BoothBook for our rental business South West Photo Booths, we had 2 people working around 15 hours a week on admin. We now have 1 person working 10 hours a week and we have expanded dramatically in that time. For the purpose of this we will value our time at £10/hour. I think you will agree this is not an inflated hourly rate to expect.

So let’s do the maths:

BEFORE: 30hrs x £10/hr x 4weeks = £1200/month (approx)

AFTER: 10hrs x £10/hr x 4 weeks = £400/ Month (approx)

SAVING: 80 hours a month / £800 a month (approx)

We sit on the top ‘Pro Package’ on BoothBook at £59/month +VAT

So before we open shop, we are saving £741/month. Which is a great start, but it doesn’t stop there.

Last week I decided with some of the time I had freed up, I was going to make a promotional video for a Facebook advert. It took 1 hour to make. Using the BoothBook coupon feature I created a 10% coupon with a maximum of 5 redemptions with a limited time. I posted it on Easter weekend saying the first 5 people to sign up will receive 10% off. They were booked out by Monday without me having to lift a finger. The next thing I need to do is load the van. Total value of over £2300 after discounts. I simply wouldn’t have had time to do this before.

Now, two of the bookings don’t currently have the guestbook extra, not to worry, BoothBook will automatically send our Guestbook upsell email a month before their event, they will also all see an offer for an extra hour. So we haven’t finished selling yet.

In the time it has taken me to write this blog post someone has paid their remaining balance, without me manually chasing anything. In fact we are currently paid up in full until the end of the month 18 days away, we haven’t manually chased a single payment. I know this because I can see it in our reports menu.

What about staffing? Well all of our attendants have their own logins, they tell us when they are unavailable so they can’t be selected to work. When we assign them, they get an SMS to confirm they can work their event, it then updated their schedule on their iOS or Android App. We haven’t had to chase to have an event staffed in 8 months.

We have fallen back in love with the business that had us tearing our hair out. I spend time looking at innovations and have time to listen to my peers about the challenges our industry faces. Without BoothBook I couldn’t.

This really is just the tip of the iceberg, the real bread and butter of what BoothBook does for my business and what it could do for yours.

So is it worth it?

10 times over…. Literally!


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