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Dedicated Photo Booth Booking System & CRM

BoothBook: Online Booking System and Calendar Software

BoothBook's state-of-the-art scheduling platform helps businesses simplify their complicated scheduling experiences. Events management, Staff Rotas, Online Payments, Invoicing, Stock Control, Customer Emails, and Retail Management are provided under one rock-solid application. BoothBook is proven to create profitable customer experiences, while maximising staff and resource utilisation.


Take bookings from your website

With BoothBooks simple copy and paste widget, you can immedietly start taking bookings from pages on your own website. The widget displays on your website as a simple calendar, and once the prospective client chooses their date, they start the booking process on BoothBook in a customised theme to match the style of your website.


Easy Admin to save you time and money

Follow our quick start guides to get up and running in minutes, and make work an enjoyable experience. BoothBook has proven to take 20+ hours of admin work out of a normal working week. 

Your flexible, online BoothBook admin calendar allows you to view and manage your bookings and appointments. You can make bookings on behalf of customers, move or cancel bookings and contact your customers directly.


Grow your business

With BoothBook doing all of the leg work, you have the time to concentrate on the other important aspects of your business to help it grow. Dont let admin work and emails restrict you and your time from growing. By using BoothBook, you can attract new customers and generate repeat business from existing ones. All customer details are stored so you can run promotions and market directly to them.