Everyone was New Once | Booth Book

Everyone was New Once

Hi, my name is Megan and I am new to BoothBook!


Getting used to working at BoothBook

I have been with BoothBook for three weeks now, and have been learning how to use and navigate my way around the booking software. Before I started this role I had experience working on computers as well as being glued to my MacBook pro at home, but not to the depth of knowing how to increase web traffic or how I could create my own website using HTML. Everything about BoothBook was completely new to me and still is! Some days I feel like I’m reading a different language when I come across some of the terminology used in queries, so I google the words I’m unsure of and add them to my new and improved BoothBook vocabulary and then try and practise these words when I can. BoothBook is a really exciting company to work for and I’m not just saying this because this blog post will get checked by a colleague, but because the software itself represents everything a modern company should be today. Efficient, everchanging and forward thinking.


We all learn at Different Paces

When you're getting used to a new software you’ve not used before it can become a challenging and frustrating process, especially when you have a business to run at the same time and customers to answer to! But it is in these moments we should all be mindful that everyone else using the BoothBook software started in the same place you did. So if you're unsure of how to set up Scheduled notifications, how to disable a package or include conditional variables in a contract; don’t worry because you will learn this too, and will get there! That’s what I keep telling myself anyway and so far I’ve learnt alot about BoothBook and I learn more by the day. So any questions or advice needed on how to use your BoothBook are always welcome! Also just because I’m new to the team doesn’t mean I can help with queries any less because I’m learning from each and every one of them...so please ask away I’m here to help you with the rest of the BoothBook team.


Here is some mid week positivity for all of those using BoothBook, whether you’ve been using BoothBook for years or are a newbie who's signed up this week we are all constantly learning and improving. We were all a newbie once!