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Feature Focus #1: Mileage Charges


Do you cover a large area and want to ensure you get paid for traveling long distances? Heck do you cover a city and just hate leaving the city for jobs and want to make it worth your while? How do you ensure that your time and travel is accurately compensated? What if you could automatically calculate distance charges and add it to your booking at time of check out and make it clear to your clients with no awkward conversations after the fact?


With BoothBook you can easily set a distance that you’ll travel for free so you can always include a free travel area and then an area that you charge for. But it gets better than that! What if you don’t want to go 1000 miles, or even 200 miles from your home base? Easy! You can set a max distance and ensure that you don’t end up traveling further than you’re comfortable with. Learn how to setup mileage here: https://boothbook.freshdesk.com/a/solutions/articles/43000034798

What if we can make it even better than that? When you combine mileage charges with our prefered venues you have the option to set a default charge.  Having the ability to automatically add in parking charges for those venues you know need them saves you from having to ask for it later on or losing out on profits! Want to learn more about recommended venues? Look no further than here: https://boothbook.freshdesk.com/a/solutions/articles/43000022749

So think about it, if you don't have your mileage charges automatically calculated and adding to your booking, how much time and money are you losing out on? With BoothBook you save so much time and thus so much money! To have mileage and travel automatically calculated for you is what makes BoothBook an awesome tool!

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It's a great tool that's easy to use. It simplifies my life, earns me money while I sleep, and allows me do other things whilst all my admin is taken care of. I love it! It looks professional on my website and customers love how streamlined it is.

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