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Feature Focus #5: BoothMotion Integration

Do you rent out your photo booth or mirror booth and love the start screens, but ever think “man this would be just so much cooler if I could get a custom attract screen for it?”. You then do the research and find out you can have custom ones made, but OMG that price! Then you also think about it and aren’t sure what your customer would like? The back and forth between them, yourselves and the designer is just so time consuming. Hours for each event just spent on minor changes. What if there was a solution where you not only allowed the customer to choose, had a fair price, and was built right into your booking software so you could just automate it, wouldn’t you want that?

With BoothBook and BoothMotions built in integration you have that option! Not only is BoothMotion great on its own because you get some amazing custom attract and start screens at the fraction of anyone else, but because the customer chooses the one they love on their own! Once your client books and adds on a custom start screen, or if you’ve included it in their packages, they’ll be able to login to their client portal and load all of the beautiful start screens that BoothMotions offers. They choose the attract screen that they love, and even add the photo or text they want to it all on their own! You can even limit screens to the event type or booth type you’ve got if you’ve set those settings up! All you’ll have to do is pay when you get close to the event and then download and add it to your booth! So much hands off goodness! You’ve now saved yourself HOURS of work that you can spend with your family or doing a hobby you love instead. Learn how simple it is to add BoothMotion now: https://boothbook.freshdesk.com/a/solutions/articles/43000535925

It’s a hard decision to make, keep paying high prices for start screens to be customized and spending countless hours getting them customized and with back and forth communications or having more free time. I know which one I’m going to choose. Now that you see the value of not just BoothMotion, but how much time you can save with it built into BoothBook what will you do with the extra time?

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Without BoothBook, I would have wasted time missing data collection for my clients. BoothBook makes it easy for my clients to book their event and make sure that all their needs are taken care of. It also makes our brand look so much more professional.

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