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Get Up To Date With BoothBook's Features

So much of BoothBook has been updated and improved in the last 6 months it's hard to keep track! So here's the highlights of new and improved features that you can start taking advantage of in BoothBook. Did you know BoothBook could do all of this!? If you have any questions or need help implementing any of these,

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Our favourite is first! BoothBook is in partnership with BoothGallery, an online gallery service built specifically for Photo Booth owners. BoothBook Basic or Pro users can even claim a free BoothGallery Pro Account. Create public, private or password protected galleries and Sync with BoothBook to easily auto-fill information based on bookings in the system.


Leads Centre

Leads CentreRecord sales leads through the Lead centre. Manage, encourage and drive them through your sales funnel on their journey to booking. Convert their details to a Booking form without having to fill out the details again.



Template ChooserTemplate Chooser

Upload and allow your customers to choose your templates through your BoothBook template chooser. Or use external photobooth template choosers such as Photo Booth Talk or



Client PortalClient Portal

Your clients can manage their bookings with easily accessible links to their bookings, downloadable files, invoices, contracts, templates and messages.





The reports section has been improved to include showing bookings by the date created, by the date of the event, a year on year/ month by month reports chart, a staff tally for dates worked, how did you hear about us results and lead name but a few!




HHelp & Supportelp & Support

Click Help & Support on your dashboard to send us your queries. From here, you can also search our new solutions centre for answers to FAQs, getting started and how to configure BoothBook to work for your photobooth business.




Whats Coming Up?

There's just no slowing us down! We've got plenty of new features and updates in the pipeline including improving conversations with customers, improved reporting and a way for you to reward reps and referrals, so watch this space.... In the meantime, to find out more about the features above:  


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