Blog | I've never sent a Proposal before, help!

I've never sent a Proposal before!

Where do you begin?

You're not getting many bookings, you're losing out to gigs because of competition, so you're thinking about dropping your prices.... DON'T! There are more profitable ways to win over your clients. You just need to sell yourself better and make the client feel unique.

Perhaps you’re sending a quote via plain text email with no images, no personalised touches and no interactive functionality, whereas your competition has ALL of that plus more. Think about it, if you were the prospective client, who would you choose?

This is where Proposals by BoothBook steps in... think of a Proposal as a posh quote. So let's dig into the reasons WHY you should be using Proposals (for the first time ever!)


1. Use them to impress your prospective clients with a personalised and professional looking quote

The first impression is always the most influencial moment with proposals. Your presentation and effort based against your pricing will always (in their eyes) reflect your perfomance at the event.

It's simple really, you're a prospective client looking to book a Photo Booth for your Networking Event. Do you trust this business to present you with a personal, professional experience.....

Gmail Quote

OR would you feel like you're getting a lot for your money with a business that presents themselves like this.....?

Professional Proposal Example


2. Display the value in your services
Telling a prospective client "you need this, and that, and oh your guests would love this!" doesn't always work for the those that hold their wallets close to their chest. People want to be told WHY their guests would love that and why it's worth paying for.

The thing is, if you've created a beautiful Proposal which shares a story about your business, shows ways in which you can make the event bespoke to them and evidence of how your products are used and loved by past clients, then the price is, most of the time, irrelevant. Custom packages are a great way of showing customers that you have listened to their needs and reflected it in your package. Add what they believe to be a discount, and it's a no brainer! You've most likely got the deal as they've seen the value in your service.


3. Gain trust by educating your prospective client about your business
Yes the prospective client has most likely been on your website, heard about you by a friend and understand what it is you do, but there is still a lot they don't know. By providing them with a short business introduction to begin your proposal, it sets the barrier with their expectations and the service you will provide to them. This is what gains trust, over a plain text email stating none of the sort. Being personable is always a good thing!


4. Use tracking analytics to follow up with engaged clients 
Have you sent a quote via email and have no idea if they've recieved, opened or read it? This can get very frustrating when you're wanting to get that gig so bad but are afraid to frequently call to chase their status. With BoothBook's analytics area you needn't worry no more. You recieve email alerts as soon as a Proposal is viewed by the potential client so you can pick up that phone and get their thoughts whilst it's still fresh in their minds. No more missing out on those HOT leads! 


5. Close deals faster and more effectively
Closing a deal with a prospective client (especially a big one!) can always be the hardest and sometimes most nervewrecking part of running your business. You always have your competitor in your thoughts and hope that that prospective client can see more value in YOU rather than your competition. 

Have a read of the below scenarios, and ask yourself, which one sounds more hassle free, streamlined and successful?

Scenario 1: How you shouldn't send a Proposal

  1. Client contacts you asking for availability with some event information
  2. You send them a plain text email with a listed quote which can take you on average 30 mins. 
  3. You hope the prosective client has seen your quote and likes the sound of it so you follow up with a call/another email. 
  4. The customer agrees to the quotes however they haven't signed any contract to make it official. 
  5. You then redirect the customer to your online booking form where they choose their service based on your quote and agreed price. OR you fill in the booking form for them (taking up your precious time)
  6. Customer then signs the contract and you've closed your deal! 

Scenario 2: How you should send a Proposal

  1. Client completes your online lead capture form with relevant event details OR give you a call to provide information and ask questions. 
  2. You create your custom package and load up your pre-designed proposal template
  3. You make any nessesary changes to the Proposal to suit your prospective's needs and send via email or SMS where you can track their engagement
  4. The prospective Accepts or Amends the Proposal and is instantly converted with ONE click of a button and has access to their own client portal. 


BoothBook; your online automated booking system and business management tool to help you become more profitable, save hours and start focusing on enjoying life again! 

I’d be lost if it wasn’t for BoothBook. It has transformed the way I’m able to get my business to the next level. It has freed up my time, so I'm not stuck with the daily admin duties I was dealing with like sending invoices, getting contracts signed and collecting payments.

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