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My Week With BoothBook

What exactly does BoothBook do for you?

We have used BoothBook forever, it was created by us for us. It only became a product we sold on to other photobooth owners when we were made aware of the need of a secure and robust photobooth specific booking system and CRM.

More recently we have hired a manager to take over the day to day running of our photobooth business. So when he selfishly fell in love and got married, he put in a leave request for his honeymoon. It was back to me to run the business for the week.

Not one to be downhearted or intimidated by a bit of hard work, I started looking for the things I could take from the week of back to back jobs....

I decided to practice what I preach and see exactly what BoothBook would handle for me.


The following list shows actions that BoothBook has handled for me in the background without any conscious effort from me, So here it is...


Emails Sent: 48

In just one week BoothBook sent 48 automated emails with the customer’s name, date of booking, venues, individual booking portal links, and signed off with my signature from my businesses email on my behalf...

Upsell emails personalised to promote addons that the customer didn't already have in their booking.

Payment reminder emails

Staff notification emails

Thank you and feedback emails

All set up once, and forgotten about to do their thing.


SMS Sent: 12

Much like the Emails, the scheduled SMS reminders are set up once and look after themselves.

We use them mostly for keeping our staff notified of their working patterns, but they can be used for exactly the same as the emails.


Events Handled: 8

We serviced 8 events this week.

The events have all been paid in full for over 3 weeks from the scheduled notifications.

All of our attendants knew which booth they were using, who they were working with, start times, directions to the event, which vehicle to use and times to arrive. They could see it all offline on their BoothBook app.


Payments Taken: 6

That is 6 payments made by clients, without any human interaction.

I woke up just yesterday to 2 payments totalling over £1k.

All of their bookings have been updated, their online portal has been updated, they have an up to date invoice available and the payment gateway has handled their receipts.


Online Bookings Taken: 3

This week we took 3 bookings on our website using BoothBook. This is not bookings that we have had to work on, they landed on our website, liked what they saw and booked.

All of them have made payments (2 deposits, 1 payment in full.... See payments made)

All we need to do now is created templates and pack the van. BoothBook will take care of the rest.

We do have a good organically ranking website so this helps.


Leads Captured: 6

We now have 6 people we can contact to try and convert to a booking. Since we have implemented the lead centre, we have had 42 leads saved and converted 10 to bookings. So I would hope to get 1 or 2 of the 6 leads booked in due course.

With the new convert to booking feature you can take all of the information you already have on to the booking form at the click of a button.

We have the more relaxed, optional lead capturing selected for our BoothBook. This gives the customer the option to email a saved price once they have viewed packages and prices. You can opt to have a required email before seeing availability and pricing which would likely increase this number.


What's the point?

So this week BoothBook has taken a fair amount of the admin off of my hands, which is great, but what if you have the time to do it?

Well firstly, you are a very lucky person.

Secondly, you should use it for great work, not hard work!

This week on top of all of the work I needed to do for the rental business, I have worked 2 days for BoothBook, I have put hours in to developing a prototype booth we are currently manufacturing (watch this space #gamechanger), I have arranged the design manufacturing and shipment of a large order of guestbooks to use and sell and created some pretty good adverts. Credits to the teenage whizz kids on Youtube, offering their photoshop knowledge in exchange for the gratification of +1 on their views counter.

More importantly I have spent time with my two young daughters and their lovely mother (you never know when she may read this). I have managed to play 2 games of football (soccer to our friends over the pond) and even fit in a trip to one of Exeter’s finest drinking establishments.

So I guess what I’m getting at is the fact that I can focus on other revenue streams, pushing my business forward and learning new skills within a reasonable working day. Not only that, I can maintain a healthy work life balance.


Well I won’t be losing the manager any time soon. It takes some effort to run a photobooth business. That being said, I know that he can do what he does best because he has a virtual assistant on his side in BoothBook that doesn’t forget, doesn’t misplace, doesn’t sleep, doesn’t demand a salary and doesn’t need time off because it’s fallen in love.


If you would like to see how BoothBook can help you, sign up for the free trial on our get started page.