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Optimise your productivity with our Tasks feature!

Remembering what to do and when to do it is not ideal, especially when you're relying on your paper notepad, your notes app and any other device that stores your reminders. Surely theres a simpler way to keep everything in once place? Surely theres a way to keep everything in once place, AND automate it?! 

Well guess what, thanks to our 'geeky' developer who's spent weeks and weeks with his head down, listening to heavy metal music and drinking endless cups of coffee, hes put together an amazing new feature for you called TASKS, and it does just that!

Our main focus and aim when building this feature was to allow our Boothbookers toManage daily operations more efficiently to help you be more profitable 'Automated tasks

But how does it work?

The biggest perk of the tasks feature is that you can manually AND automatically (using task builder) create tasks to existing and future bookings. How's that for no more manual admin?!

Now let's explore it a bit more detail before you get too excited...Here are a few of it's key elements!

Automatically create checklists based on what your clients have booked, assign staff and set due dates. Manage daily tasks, improve your organisation and productivity in your day to day business.

With the Task Builder,  you can schedule your Tasks based on the type of event or services that have been booked. Tasks will be automatically created and assigned to the staff member when the booking is made. When adding tasks, include the description of the task required to be done, links and even variables to generate information once the booking details are available. Set the date the task needs to be completed and let staff know how important it is.

Assign admins, event attendants or specific users to tasks that need to be carried for events. When a booking is made, those users will see their tasks on their Overview page. Set permissions for how your attendants use tasks, let them view all tasks, assign users, archive and create manual tasks or only let them see their own assigned duties. Manual tasks allow you to add one-off tasks for bookings, reminders or memos, as well as notes about company errands.

Manage your daily tasks from your Overview page, log in and see what you need to do straight away, view all tasks to see what other staff are up to or manage them per booking.

So now you understand the main functionality of Tasks but want to know how you can actually make it happen? Check out our features page, and if you're not already a Boothbooker, sign up for a free trial and you'll have access to our support articles so you can see how much it will transform how you keep your business organised! 

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