A subdomain to match your website | Booth Book

A subdomain to match your website

You might wonder why we ask you to set up your own subdomain rather than just register a simple account with us?

It's from years of experience, and professional preference.


It may seem like a bit of annoying first step to try out the software, but this is what sets us apart from the other options out there.

When customers book online through your website, they will book through BoothBook on your chosen subdomain, and your BoothBook will look exactly like your website, so as far as the customer is concerned they are booking directly with you.

This provides customer assurance, it makes you look far more established, and it looks far more professional than sending the customer off to a third party booking website.


If you use a service like Wix, or Squarespace, then the process takes 30 seconds.

Wordpress, Drupal or Joomla? Tell us where you bought your domain and it takes 2 minutes.


Simply let us know when you are free, we will connect via teamviewer, makes the changes - and you're good to go.