Robyn Bowman

Junior Web Developer


Who are you, and what do you love to do?

My name is Robyn and I love music. I play violin, piano and saxophone although I should probably practice a little more than I do!


How did you get here? What experiences have led you to this point in your life?

I graduated university with a music degree during covid and as something to do, I started doing a bit of coding and really enjoyed it. I then started doing even more and found the BoothBook job and it seemed like the perfect job opportunity for me.


When did you start working with BoothBook, and what do you do to help push the business forward?

I started at BoothBook in July 2021 and my main role is to use code to make the amazing proposals usable for customers. As well as this, I design websites for customers who want one made by the company.


When was the first time you used a photobooth? Why did you use it? Who were you with? What was the experience like?

My first photobooth experience was at my school prom which was so much fun, so many silly props to use and a great background. The photos were printed off afterwards as a little keepsake from the evening.


What is the coolest / most fun / most amazing photobooth experience you have seen? Why did you like it so much?

One of my most fun photobooth memories was at my university society summer ball. It wasn’t a particularly fancy one, it was just so much fun going in the booth with all my friends, using all the props and having the photos printed off as a reminder of the event.


What is a particular skill that you have that you think would help small business owners improve their lives?

I’m always eager to help people and as well as this, very keen to listen to people’s ideas eg. if they want a certain design, I’ll happily listen to their ideas.


Which BoothBook feature do you think is most likely to dramatically improve someone’s business?

The automated bookings make someone’s business so much easier, not only for them but also for the customer. As well as this, it allows for a greater opportunity to put more time into growing the business rather than having to worry about receiving and managing bookings.


Which BoothBook feature do you think is the coolest / most fun / most impressive?

The proposals are amazing! It makes the whole idea of having an event much more exciting when you’re given a one-page website that you can customise to your own preferences.


Why should people use BoothBook in their business?

People should use BoothBook because it makes almost everything so much easier! The automation gives businesses more time, the proposals are a good way for people to see about an event rather than in a typical, boring way and it also allows businesses to further expand their knowledge of photobooths and everything needed to run a photobooth company.