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What's New at BoothBook HQ...

BoothBook Business Update

Exciting changes and positive developments have recently contributed to the growth and success of BoothBook, encouraging us here at BoothBook to keep moving forward as we grow more and more as a business. Below are just some of the highlights BoothBook has experienced over the last few months…


Black Friday - Every year the Black Friday event enables businesses across the world to sell items at a discounted price giving their customers a great money saving experience. Black Friday has often been seen to lead customers into shopping madness all aiming to grab the best deals around, so here at BoothBook we thought why not join in on the Black Friday madness! This month we introduced our Black Friday Campaign to encourage customers to get more out of their BoothBook experience at a discounted price. The campaign was sent to customers via email and has encouraged some new users to join us!


More Countries - BoothBook are also pleased to say that we have increased our user base to 30 countries, as a Business this is great news for us seeing visible expansion of more businesses using our product. Our team is constantly aiming to increase the usage of BoothBook.


Changes to the BoothBook Team - We have also undergone some changes here at BookBooth within the office team by welcoming new staff member Megan to Support. As well as moved Ollie to the Sales and Support Team! These new changes within the team are exciting and we are looking forward to the impact in response times this will bring. We pride ourselves on our customer service and support and Megan and Ollie have already shown they hold the same values when it comes to impeccable customer service. I’m sure you will all love them.


Boothcon and PBX - We are looking forward to meeting some new faces at the Boothcon in Melbourne next January as well as at PBX the following month in Vegas! We thoroughly enjoy travelling to different parts of the world to get our business out there and to meet new people who are also considering to start up their own Businesses. If you are considering going to either event please let us know as it would be great to meet you for a drink and a chat.


UK & Europe Photobooth Show - We really enjoyed meeting new and existing customers at the UK show recently, we also had the opportunity to meet other photo booth owners afterwards at a social event held at The Counting House. The success of the UK show has only made us look forward to next year’s even more and look forward to going again. Thank you all for coming to say hi and making it a great experience for the whole team.

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