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Why Bill Gates would use BoothBook - He's a Genius!

The time old tale of Good Work vs Hard Work


It is often said that nothing is earnt without hard work. To a degree this is true. No business took flight without an element of hard work. That being said there is no honor in slogging away for the sake of hard work.


What’s the point?

There will always be a difference of opinions when it comes to how any task should be completed. There are the people that can turn their hand to anything, floating through life picking up multiple skills along the way, a ‘Jack of all trades and master of none’.

You have the people who will stick at the same task, doing it the same way they have for the last 40 years and will continue to do it for as long as they live, they are tired, but it works so don’t push it. I like to call these people the ‘grafters

Then you have the people that really master something. They are always improving, watching them is majestic, success is effortless. These are the people that you hear about. These are the people you know. They have dedicated their lives to understanding something inside and out.  Constantly striving to be better and never feeling like they have finished. They are ‘Geniuses’.



I, like a lot of others spend my life looking at people such as Bill Gates and Elon Musk thinking how do they have enough hours in the day, how do they constantly strive to improve.

Well… I was researching for a work piece recently and discovered that a lot of the people I would put in to this category use the 5 hour rule. Now don’t worry, I am not going to get you signing up to some cult. A lot of you probably already subscribe to this subconsciously, but it is interesting none the less.

The 5 hour rule dictates that you should spend an hour a day during your 5 day working week on learning. It is further broken down to reading, reflecting and experimenting. Using this technique they are able to focus their time and energy when they are working much more effectively.   


Now after this rambling I am coming to the point.

Your Jack of all trades will always do okay, they can pick up and drop off and turn tricks to make ends meet. They are smart but know their limitations.

Grafters will work their knuckle to the bone but never progress to new heights. They are too busy getting the job done.

Geniuses are Geniuses because they don’t work hard (5 day working week remember), they work smart. They learn, reflect and experiment because they don’t believe in limitations. Only problems yet to be solved.

Bill gates didn’t build Microsoft by hand making every computer… he offloaded that problem to someone so he could work on to something else. Elon Musk isn’t in the factory building cars he is on the stage presenting his new truck that will change the world.


Bold claim coming right up...

It is with this information as backing that allows my confidence to say, If Bill gates was a photobooth owner, he would be using BoothBook to handle his bookings, staffing, customer contact and other admin. After all, he would be too busy making the next level of photobooth service.


Don’t be a grafter…

Let us do the leg work…

Be a Genius!



That is all.