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I’d be lost if it wasn’t for BoothBook. It has transformed the way I’m able to get my business to the next level. It has freed up my time, so I'm not stuck with the daily admin duties I was dealing with like sending invoices, getting contracts signed and collecting payments.

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BoothBook and Foto Master

Foto Master is one of the leading Photo Booth manufacturers and software developers in the World. Foto Master provides a wide range of products from their famous Mirror Photo Booths to DSLR Photo Booth, iPad Photo Booths and interactive attractions such as the Photo Mosaic Wall, Air Graffiti Wall and more. 

Many Foto Master customers are using BoothBook to increase their booking conversion rate and work with an organised system to be more efficient. Foto Master products can be easily added to BoothBook allowing you to manage your events, inventory, bookings and automate processes, giving you the space to focus on expanding and scaling your business.

Foto Master is known for its high quality products, feature rich and content rich software and 24/7 support by a large team.