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Dedicated Photo Booth Booking System & CRM


BoothBook is a recurring monthly service built by Chris Collins and the team in Devon, UK.

Chris is a web developer first, and started his photobooth company in 2013 in Devon, UK after getting the idea from photobooth websites he built for his clients. His company South West Photo Booths quickly expanded to become a market leader for photobooths and magic mirrors in his region.

After years of running the business using a basic website, and conversing with customers over the phone and email and spending hours on day-to-day admin, he decided to simplify the workflow with a basic online booking form. This booking form soon added availability checks, travel fee calculations, automatic responses and notifications and more, and BoothBook version 1 was born.

After completing version 2, Chris decided to package up the BoothBook software, and with help from other photobooth businesses, he started selling the software as a recurring service to other companies around the world. Totalling all of the hours put into BoothBook so far, the software would cost a single company well within the regions of £100,000 - £150,000.

By the end of 2019, the team grew with Chris's wife Christina joining the team to focus on pushing the business further from the marketing side. With Chris and the rest of the team focusing on making it the best product on the market, we ended the year on a high with releasing Version 5 alongside big plans for 2020; influenced from our customers valued feedback. 

Chris is just a guy from Devon, looking to make a living, and help other photobooth companies run their business using the best tools on the market, without the massive upfront cost of having something developed themselves.

To try BoothBook for an unlimited free trial and see how you can become more profitable, contact Chris and the team today at [email protected]