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Because it's designed by and for photo booth operators, it's easy to use and customize to fit my business perfectly. Easy for my clients to use. Best sales tool I have ever used.

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Photo Booth Billings

Maintain Professionalism with Contracts



Add your business logo, colour preferences and more through CSS styling to maintain professionalism and consistency.



Automatically show your contract at the booking stage and/or within their client portal once a booking has been confirmed.

Add Variables

Add Variables

Based on a customers entries during the booking process, their contract will be customised to suit their event. ie. event date and location.

Service Conditionals

Customize per Service with Conditionals

Ensure your customer receives the relevant contract and information based on the event type they choose.


Confirmation Check Boxes

Sync your emails and import previous conversation history with customer as well as upcoming, all in one place.


Edit Individual Contracts

You can edit information on a single contract for a booking before it has been signed.

Client Portal

Access via Client Portal

If a customer chooses not to sign the contract during the booking process, they are reminded to sign it via their client portal.

E Sign


Keep things digital with our e-sign feature, to ensure the process is handled as efficiently as possible.

Automated Yet Personal Contracts

Contracts tend to be a chore with bookings however we have created them in a way that allows you to automate, personlise, prompt, e-sign, add conditionals and more. Say goodbye to the long winded, triple checks with contracts as BoothBook's system takes care of it all using data from the customers booking ie. event type, event date. 

Digital Signatures

You have the option to prompt a customer to sign the contract during the booking process to ensure all promises are kept from day 1, or to send them scheduled notifications at certain time periods reminding them to sign it via their client portal.