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We implemented BoothBook, and it was immediately apparent that it was going to save us time and money. The admin is automated - no manual contracts to send, payments to chase or emails to send. The time we have saved has allowed us to develop and grow the business, safe in the knowledge that BoothBook will take care of the admin.

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Plan Journeys with Route Planner

Map Event Journeys

Map Event Journeys

Plan your route at the click of a button based on event details and even limit your journey by the assigned vehicle.

Route planner avoid tolls, highways and ferries

Plan for Extra Costs

Include or exclude tolls, highways and ferries to determine the most cost efficient route.

Plan for Traffic

Plan for Traffic

Prevent delays by routing around congested roads that could effect your journey time.

Multiple Stops

Multiple Stops

Add multiple destinations to plan the most efficient route or planned stops along the way.

Print Routes

Print Directions

Easily print your route for you or your staff to follow to the event location.

A well planned journey to each event results increased productivity, happier customers and increased profits.

Quickly Plan Cost Effective Routes

Plan and map your routes based on event details at the click of a button, get the distance to the event and the estimated time of the journey. With the options to avoid or include tolls, highways and ferries, you can plan the most cost effective route to each event.

Prevent Delays & Reduce Costs

Get live traffic updates in your event's area. Route around congested roads and prevent delays. Using the most efficient route to each event will help you reduce mileage and time on the road resulting in reduces fuel costs, staff time, vehicle maintenance and not to mention it being better for the planet!


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