BoothBook | Client App & Photo Booth Booking System

We implemented BoothBook, and it was immediately apparent that it was going to save us time and money. The admin is automated - no manual contracts to send, payments to chase or emails to send. The time we have saved has allowed us to develop and grow the business, safe in the knowledge that BoothBook will take care of the admin.

BoothBook Imprint Photo Booths
Imprint Photo Booths

Take payments faster with our Client App

Personalised Branding

Personalised Branding

Design your app icon and splash screen to your specifications, to match your business branding.

Slick design

Slick Design

The client portal app has a slick and streamlined design to make all booking information very accessible to the customer.

ios and android

iOS & Android

Our client app is fully compatible with all iOS and Android mobile devices.

e-sign contracts

E-Sign Contracts

Speed up the booking process with our e-sign contracts via our client portal which can be viewed at any point.

Payment Processor

Payment Processor

Get paid faster with our slick in-app payment processor.



Highlight your product up-sells within the app to increase your booking total.

view invoices

View Invoices

Access to view all updated invoices within one tab.

new booking

New Bookings

The client can add a new booking within the app, whilst viewing any additional bookings they may have with you.

Each client has access to their very own Client App which allows your customers to install directly onto the home screen of their iOS and Android devices. This in itself has so many benefits for your business and customer contact is key.

✅ Encourages clients to make payments faster because it's more accessible to them

✅ Streamlines the user experience

✅ Boosts your brand recognition with a branded app icon

✅ Makes your brand more established and trusted within the industry

✅ Connect better with your customers from the moment they book with you

✅ As the only Photobooth CRM with a client app, you will definitely stand out from your competition

✅ You're more likely to be recommended by your clients as they will have loyalty with your business