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We implemented BoothBook, and it was immediately apparent that it was going to save us time and money. The admin is automated - no manual contracts to send, payments to chase or emails to send. The time we have saved has allowed us to develop and grow the business, safe in the knowledge that BoothBook will take care of the admin.

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Upload Leads with our CSV Importer


CSV Compatibility

This feature is compatible with any type of CSV file so you don't need to create a new file for this process.


Edit Fields Post-Upload

You have the ability to edit any fields once the import is complete but before the upload begins.


Map Columns to Data

Select the column data against the values for organisation and clarity. ie. Email Address, First Name


Column Selection

To save time from amending your file before upload, you can choose which columns are relevant for the upload, after the file has imported.


Error Alerts

Success and error alerts are displays during the upload without affecting the upload process. Any errors can be fixed afterwards.


Stable Upload Progress

The progress of each upload is stated in your browser and is stored so any unfortunate browser crashes will not affect loss of data.

Our CSV lead importer allows you to manage new business in the most efficient, reliable and productive way. The bulk upload feature give you full control of what data you'd like to import at a fast speed, whilst picking up on any errors to ensure your data is up to scratch. and once uploaded, you can add a status/upload date to the data. 

Rather than manually adding a new lead (ie. from a wedding show) one by one and to avoid human error, you can bulk upload and get on with following up those potential bookings!