Proposal Themes

Beautifully designed microsites showcase your service at its best and get better engagement over the competition

Event Quote

Dazzle your clients throwing flashy, high-end events with Spectrum

Take advantage of this sleek and sophisticated design to lock down high-end or corporate clients throwing showy events.

Wedding Event Quote

Help celebrate your clients' milestones with Invite

Use this classic, rustic design to entice your clients throwing a grand celebration

Modern Proposal

Showcase your exclusive event experiences with Boxify

Reach your high-end clients putting on modern events with a proposal to match

Christmas Holiday Theme Proposal

Bring more celebrations to the holiday season with Festivities

Let this merry theme help bring the holiday spirit to your events

Christmas Theme Proposal

Land more holiday events
with Merry & Bright

Echo the festive cheer you'll bring to the event with this merry theme

Energy - Corporate Proposal Theme

Engage your corporate and virtual event clients with Energy

Use the bold, energetic design of this theme to demonstrate your offering

Curator Quote Theme

Curator, popular for PR events and product launches

Link your lead's vision and your service with a hipster styled theme

Brochure Quote Theme

Achieve high-end events with Brochure

Magazine style proposal for a more rustic event or business offering

Tempo Quote Theme

Tempo, popular with DJ's & brand activations

Animated sections make for a vibrant interactive proposal page

Portfolio Quote Theme

Portfolio is an easily branded profile page

Showcase why you're up to the job with a resumé styled theme

Parallax Polaroid Quote Theme

Parallax Polaroid for vintage, high-end events

Animated polaroid photos make for a really engaging proposal

Modern Quote Theme

Use Modern to show off a feature rich experience

Demonstrate your superior service with this proposal theme

Expert BoothBook Quote Theme

Expert is perfect for any type of event

All the tools your need to spell out to your client exactly what you'll deliver

Basic Quote BoothBook Proposal Theme

Basic Quote provides a simple text based layout

No distractions with colour options to keep your branding on point

Dimension BoothBook Proposal Theme

Grab corporate clients' attention with Dimension

A clean proposal design with multiple pop-up pages

Ethereal Proposal Theme

Ethereal theme for any wedding or party

Create an attention-grabbing, visual brochure style proposal

Paradigm Shift Proposal Theme

Use Paradigm Shift for any type of event

The versatile, vertical scroll proposal microsite