Chris Fall

Sales & Support - USA


Who are you, and what do you love to do?
So my name is Chris (or the other Chris in the boothbook world ;) ) Some of my favorite hobbies are Photography and competition shooting. I’m both a published photographer and an amature 3-gun competitor. If you’d like to see some of my photography (nature and more) let me know! I love to travel to get new photos.


How did you get here? What experiences (personal or professional) have led you to this point in your life?
I’ve had a lot of different career experiences. I started off in culinary arts and hospitality management, being a resorts property manager for Six Flags. From there I decided I wanted to help people and became a paramedic. I’ve spent over 15 years dealing with people at their worst and felt that I needed to make a change and deal with happy things and bring happiness to the world. We really wanted a photo booth for our wedding, and once I saw the prices I thought “Man I’ve got a TON of photography equipment, I’m sure I can create a photo booth for less than this!” Needless to say I was wrong about it being cheaper, but I’m so happy that it pushed me into the world of photo booths and entertainment.


When did you start working with BoothBook, and what do you do to help push the business forward?
I started in May 2020 officially, but unofficially since I started using Boothbook for my own business. I do a lot of the US based training and sales, so if you’re looking for help and need a later time, I’m your man. I also help with a lot of feature testing and client onboarding to make sure they get the most out of BoothBook’s possibilities. I do that through 1:1 training sessions, paid setups, and the new setup walkthrough videos.


When was the first time you used a photobooth? Why did you use it? Who were you with? What was the experience like?
My first time using a photo booth was apparently when I was a baby. My dad has a picture of us together in it with my mother. Obviously I don’t remember using it so let's not count that. The first time I remember using one was for one of my birthdays when I was younger (I’m getting older and don’t remember which birthday it was, that was a long time ago). It was at the local roller skating rink, who remembers those? It was a ton of fun and it was of me and my brother! It was a great time and a great memory of fun times.


What is the coolest / most fun / most amazing photobooth experience you have seen? Why did you like it so much?
I got to do a charity event for a local kids cancer hospital. The hospital wanted to do something special for the kids for the holiday as they were all there and unable to enjoy it. They had Santa Claus come in and a bunch of superheroes and dogs! It was a ton of fun and the kids got to go around and open presents and meet their heroes. I think we all know that the real heroes that day were the kids though.


What is a particular skill that you have that you think would help small business owners improve their lives?
I have a great way of just breaking things down into simple and easy to digest facts about business and what people are looking for to improve their businesses. I’m also well versed on the ins and outs of BoothBook and how it can really save you a ton of time and money!


Which BoothBook feature do you think is most likely to dramatically improve someones business?
The automations, seriously… when you can go hands-free for the majority of your business because it’s just set up right and running well on the back end, it saves you SOOOO much stress. Just ask my wife!


Which BoothBook feature do you think is the coolest / most fun / most impressive?
Oh man, it’s not released just yet, but it’s serious automations. Just wait until you can see all the stuff that you can do! I know Chris Collins is excited for them, but I think I’m even more excited!


Why should people use BoothBook in their business?
Because who doesn’t want to have more free time and in reality make more money per hour? It keeps me very organized, and makes it so anyone who I have working for me can easily walk right in and know what’s going on. The hours it’s saved along with the ability to expand at a rapid pace has taken my life to a whole new level, and will do the same for anyone elses when used correctly.