Ciara Arblaster

Software Developer


Who are you, and what do you love to do?
Hey! I'm Ciara! I love dark chocolate, good coffee and watching comedies. I also like to attempt yoga and paddle boarding but not at the same time!


How did you get here? What experiences have led you to this point in your life?
Having worked for Chris since 2015, I started as a web designer in his digital marketing business. Taking care of the design, front-end development and training on clients’ websites, whilst watching the beginnings of BoothBook emerge from within South West Photo Booths.


When did you start working with BoothBook, and what do you do to help push the business forward?
Not entirely sure when, it’s a bit of a blur! As we concentrated less on clients’ websites and the more the BoothBook software grew, I started working more on the software’s development. I now develop and maintain new features, improve members’ onboarding journey and general user experience as well as maintain the BoothBook website. 


When was the first time you used a photobooth? Why did you use it? Who were you with? What was the experience like?
I think it was one of South West Photo Booths’ very first events; and Chris’ Dad’s wedding. Chris was attending the booth, making sure every guest was paying attention and posing to create entertaining photos. Think he found it very stressful keeping drinks away from the booth!


What is the coolest / most fun / most amazing photobooth experience you have seen? Why did you like it so much?
Underwater photo booths both intrigue and scare me. They look like a lot of fun but the maintenance on them must be insane to keep the hardware dry!


What is a particular skill that you have that you think would help small business owners improve their lives?
I have a lot of experience in increasing businesses’ website visibility through technical and content driven SEO as well as designing and constructing effective customer journeys through to conversion.


Which BoothBook feature do you think is most likely to dramatically improve someone’s business?
That all depends on who’s asking! If a business is losing track of contact forms and messages coming in then the Leads center is going to manage these and remove so much time spent on admin. If they’re struggling to close deals, then wowing potential customers with Proposals is going to dramatically improve their conversions.  


Which BoothBook feature do you think is the coolest / most fun / most impressive?
Any underdog feature that you don’t even realise is working its ass off for you behind the scenes. The BoothBook Reps feature is a great example of this. With such an easy and traceable commission system, Reps is a great way to track and encourage your staff, event planners, venues and other businesses to promote your business for you.


Why should people use BoothBook in their business?
Because there’s always something for everyone. Any business will always find at least one but usually plenty of boothbook tools that actually benefit and work to make their business so much more profitable.