Darren Simbol

Journalism & Content Writer


Who are you, and what do you love to do?

I’m Darren and I love writing - scripts, stories, articles - you name it I like writing it (probably) (don’t quote me on that). I also love listening to Lorde, watching anime, making short films with pals, and pop music sung in languages I don’t understand.

How did you get here? What experiences have led you to this point in your life?

After graduating from university with a Journalism degree, it wasn't long after that the world got swept up in a little pandemic. When the country started to open up again and life crawled it’s way to something somewhat resembling normalcy, I discovered and joined BoothBook. The rest - as they say - is history!

When did you start working with BoothBook, and what do you do to help push the business forward?

I started working here at BoothBook in September 2021, where I (hopefully) push forward the business by writing informational articles designed to help photo booth owners navigate the ins and outs of the industry and how we can help them out.

When was the first time you used a photobooth? Why did you use it? Who were you with? What was the experience like?

The first time I used a photobooth was probably in the glory days of 2009, running around Exeter City Centre and taking funny pictures with my friends, and over a decade later it's still pretty much the same story.

What is the coolest / most fun / most amazing photo booth experience you have seen? Why did you like it so much?

The most fun photobooth experience I’ve ever had was sharing a photo booth with my friends at a ball at my university. It was a simple setup but made for some fond memories for my friends and I.

What is a particular skill that you have that you think would help small business owners improve their lives?

I like to believe I’m an attentive person with an eye for detail. I’ll read and reread a piece over and over until I’m sure every little issue has been ironed out and it’s done to the absolute best quality that it can be.

Which BoothBook feature do you think is most likely to dramatically improve someone’s business?

The ability to automate 90% of the process is a godsend to anyone with a photobooth business, regardless of size, because the amount of money you’ll save and the hours you can spend with your loved ones or doing whatever you please instead of suffering from tedious monotony is priceless.

Which BoothBook feature do you think is the coolest / most fun / most impressive?


I love the Proposals feature! Setting up your own little microsite set to your own tastes and preferences for your customers is incredibly cool.

Why should people use BoothBook in their business?

Simply put, BoothBook just makes everything so much easier for you. The automation saves you so much time and money that you can probably earn enough to lounge around on a beach in Bali and still be able to take bookings, manage your staff, and just grow yourself into an absolutely killer business.