Rene Katier

Sales Representative - Europe


Who are you, where are you based, and what do you love to do? 
I’m Rene. I'm 32 years old and based in Hengevelde that’s near the German border of the Netherlands. I love capturing moments when I’m not working.  I love drinking new kinds of beers while watching the best movies.


How did you get here? What experiences have led you to this point in your life?
I work in a hospital as a Nurse Anaesthetist. But for the most enjoyable part I create photos of wedding parties and capture the most beautiful memories :-)
I attended a few parties where I witnessed the most terrible photo booth experiences, and that’s when I decided to make and rent photo booths out myself as there was clearly a gap in the my local market!


When did you start working with BoothBook, and what do you do to help push the business forward?
Good question! In 2018 I believe.  My super powers within boothbook team are: Always asking for translations, breaking the new updates and asking for more European features. I love to help other European photo booth owners who are looking to use BoothBook, or already are, and work together in ways to suit their business needs the most.


When was the first time you used a photobooth? Why did you use it? Who were you with? What was the experience like?
Ooooh, I think I used one at a wedding I was photographing. It was the worst experience I could imagine. I was an iPad (obviously displayed!) on a wooden frame. Everybody who used it got a double chin and some very bad lighting.


What is the coolest / most fun / most amazing photo booth experience you have seen? Why did you like it so much?
 I still think the magic mirror is my favourite. Seeing yourself and the animations at the same time, whilst taking pictures still amazes me! Oh, and I can’t forget about the photobooth above a ball pit - that was so fun to use! :-)


What is a particular skill that you have that you think would help small business owners improve their lives?
Encouraging business owners to constantly improve and try out new ideas! If it works and people like it, use it! :-)


Which BoothBook feature do you think is most likely to dramatically improve someone’s business?
Oh wow! The entire product will! Receiving payments, bookings and new leads, without having to send a single mail by myself is very impressive and time saving! I think my girlfriend finally knows who I am! :-D


Which BoothBook feature do you think is the coolest / most fun / most impressive?
The way you can change and translate everything customer facing to work for your country is very impressive. Now almost every language can be used. The postponed event status functionality has saved me a lot of admin work too. I won’t say too much, but there are a lot of cool functions coming soon!


Why should people use BoothBook in their business?
Because there is always something for everyone. As a BoothBook beginner, you will instantly notice the benefits it has for you and your business. You will have more time to focus on other areas of your business or personal life. Imagine all the new photobooths you can make with all that spare time!