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BoothBook freed up my time, so rather than working as a secretary, I could get back to being a Director and focussing on revenue. As well as that, having everything – CMS, CRM, Accounting, Resources, HR, Project Management – built into one system, it has helped ensure accountability and clear communication across the business.

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BoothBook and PB Backdrops

PB Backdrops provide the most valuable and versitile backdrop collection in the photo booth industry. Whether you're looking for tension fabric, pillowcase, pipe and drape, they have it all. They supply top of the range backdrops and photo booth accessories for the best price. BoothBook have linked up with PB Backdrops to ensure the accessibility is as good as it gets when purchasing the backdrop you want. It allows you to purchase the backdrops YOUR customers want which can then be added to your collection of backdrop Extras.

You will have access to PB Backdrops entire library of backdrops with full search functionality for your customers to select. So without you lifting a finger, your customer can choose exactly what they want for their special event. 

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