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BoothBook freed up my time, so rather than working as a secretary, I could get back to being a Director and focussing on revenue. As well as that, having everything – CMS, CRM, Accounting, Resources, HR, Project Management – built into one system, it has helped ensure accountability and clear communication across the business.

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BoothBook and Photo Booth Talk

Photo Booth Talk offers unlimited template designs to non-registered users as a pay-as-you-go scheme or for free if you are one of their VIP Members! 

We are very excited that we now integrate with Photo Booth Talk on all BoothBook systems. Here are a few of our top features for this integration: 

  1. ALL users get full template gallery access, regardless of whether they have a Photo Booth Talk account or not
  2. Template categories can be assigned to booth types, so customers only pick templates that apply to the booth they rented
  3. Users can decide whether customers can customise the template colours or not, this long sought after feature for the Photo Booth Talk gallery is now possible through BoothBook!
  4. Once a customer chooses a template, the choice is stored on the booking.
  5. The user can then either make a one-off purchase for those template files - or if they sign up for the Photo Booth Talk VIP membership through BoothBook, they get all templates included for FREE and $25 off their first year for signing up through BoothBook
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