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I’d be lost if it wasn’t for BoothBook. It has transformed the way I’m able to get my business to the next level. It has freed up my time, so I'm not stuck with the daily admin duties I was dealing with like sending invoices, getting contracts signed and collecting payments.

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BoothBook and TaxJar

TaxJar makes sales tax filing and management easier for more than 15,000 online businesses and merchants across the world. This will allow your BoothBook booking form to base the correct sales tax using your business location vs. the venues location. This will automatically generate the correct sales tax amount on the customers invoice. 

A few key features of using TaxJar:

  • AutoFile
  • Auto-sync with e-commerce channels and shopping cart
  • Return ready sales tax reports
  • State and local sales tax report
  • Support shipping taxability
  • Support destination and origin-based sales tax sourcing

TaxJar also integrates with Square, Stripe, PayPal and more... 

Learn about how to integrate it with your BoothBook account here.

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