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BoothBook & Photo Booth CRM Collaborate


We are very happy announce that Ismail Humet has joined the team!

As I’m sure the majority of you already know, Ismail has been a key player in this industry for many years with his various roles in projects such as SuperBoothers, PBNY, Wisdra, and of course, Photo Booth CRM.

Why Now?

After years of meeting up at shows like PBX and BoothCon, we soon realised we had so much in common that it made more sense to work together than compete, and so in a true example of “Community over Competition” we have joined forces. 

Our goal is to make the best booking tool in the industry even better with hundreds of hours of education, amazing new features from the unreleased new version of Photo Booth CRM, and continuing to focus on making our BoothBook users the most profitable photo booth companies in the industry.




We implemented BoothBook, and it was immediately apparent that it was going to save us time and money. The admin is automated - no manual contracts to send, payments to chase or emails to send. The time we have saved has allowed us to develop and grow the business, safe in the knowledge that BoothBook will take care of the admin.

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