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Feature Focus #8: iCal Syncing



Your life is ruled by the calendar on your phone isn’t it? Constantly checking it to see what’s going on today, tomorrow and the rest of the week. So how do you ensure that you get all your bookings entered into  your personal calendar each and every time?

Are you manually entering them every time? Having to remember to enter it and to get all the times, dates, and info you need right? It’s not that easy is it? And you worry about missing one or a detail about what you need to bring? What if you were able to do it automatically? What if you didn’t even have to think about it? With BoothBook as your CRM as soon as a new booking is entered, it’ll automatically sync to your phone or desktop calendar! Not just will it give you basic details, you can actually make it as detailed as you’d like! Even better even your staff can sync their assigned shifts to their own phones!

Learn more here: https://boothbook.freshdesk.com/a/solutions/articles/43000007939

So what are you going to do? Keep wasting time and worrying about missing an event? Or are you going to Join BoothBook and enjoy piece of mind?

About the Author: 

BoothBook freed up my time, so rather than working as a secretary, I could get back to being a Director and focussing on revenue. As well as that, having everything – CMS, CRM, Accounting, Resources, HR, Project Management – built into one system, it has helped ensure accountability and clear communication across the business.

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