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Optimize Your Photo Booth Proposals in Five Steps

Have you heard a competitor or a friend in the industry bragging about the big lead they just booked and wondered why it isn’t happening to you?

This is something we are used to hearing from our users. There's usually a discord between what the customer needs and what they think they need. Bridging this knowledge gap is where your value is proven.  

How do you politely convince a customer that you know what they need, more than they do?

Well let’s start at the beginning…



When you are putting together a business proposal there are some things you need to remember before you even start.

Firstly, and most importantly… You are likely to be in competition already.

When looking for a better paid gig, it is a considered purchase, most customers are going to weigh up a couple of options. You increase your chance of securing business by responding first by up to 78%. (Harvard Study) This means you need to stand out and you need to do it quickly.

The important thing you need to make this possible is consistent and reliable lead capture data and a quickly adaptable proposal template.

Using BoothBook, we can get our customers a stunning 1 page website proposal out to their potential lead in less than a minute. When compared to a plain text email which took longer, their first impression is pretty epic.

Although efficiency is important, it can’t be all bark and no bite… Remember we are taking them on a journey to discover what they need after all.

Professional Proposal Example



Whether your customer is a big corporate or a private party, they’re hiring you to overcome an issue that they currently have. The real kicker is, they’re often not even aware of it. It is your job to spell this out to them.

For a corporate, it’s likely to be that they need engagement. Whether that is footfall, brand awareness or data capture. You are there to give people a reason to engage with that client.

The corporate events you’re hired for are usually very expensive and they need a return on that investment (ROI).

This is the issue that they are trying to overcome.

On a private event, it is often about entertainment and capturing a moment in time, the fear of their guest having a bad time or your client’s fear of missing out on the good times.

Again, this is the issue you are going to overcome. Now we have their pain point it is time to ease it for them.  Which takes us on to the main sales pitch…



This is the most common oversight I see in the photo booth industry.

We as photo booth owners are very proud of our tech. The customer’s pain point however, is not what camera you have in your booth. So, telling them how good it is, will not convince them of your worth.

Instead, focus on the hurdle they need to overcome, reinforce what will happen if they don’t book you, then give them the reason why your expertise allows you to curate the service that will help THEM smash it out of the park!

A useful thing to remember is that for every ‘feature’ there will be a ‘benefit’. A feature will tell them what you will do, a benefit will tell them why they should do it.

Let’s explore that a little more…

A feature of our photo booth is that it can capture customer detail before the experience. The benefit is that you and your customer have an engaging way to capture their clients data for future marketing.

So let’s put it in to practice… For this example, your customer is looking to book you for a trade show.

The sales pitch to your lead may look something like this:


“Trade shows are a high-pressure environment, where time is limited, and every interaction counts. Often it is difficult for your exhibition to stand out and engage potential clients and it is hard to capture peoples contact details without sounding pushy.
You need to provide an engaging way for people to engage with both your exhibition and your brand. What if, at the same time, you could also vastly improve your return on investment?
We can offer a photo booth experience that delivers all of this. Once engaged, they will be asked for contact details to send their custom designed, branded image to once it is created. They are then able to instantly share their creation, which now promotes your brand on their social media accounts.
After the event, you can market to all of your new brand ambassadors, using their contact details from the data set you have just created.
More footfall + more engagement + brand recognition + post event data sets = Awesome ROI”

This leads us nicely on to our next tip…



We as business owners are very keen to push how good our product and service is on the potential client. Although it isn’t a bad thing, there are better ways to create a connection with your client.

We have already established that they have an issue that they want to overcome. If they weren’t aware of it, they will be now. So now you have the chance to make them the hero!

Remember at this point they are booking you based on the fact they are trying to please someone. The boss, their guests, their future spouse… Potentially all the above. So, give them the opportunity to save the day.

Note in the above sales pitch the copy is focused on them. How they are going to succeed. Once they can picture their place within the success you will have their buy in.

Tip: You can really drill this home with a successful testimonial of where a previous customer saved the day.



You will notice at this point; I am yet to mention pricing. The right price is the one thing I can’t help you with. However, focusing on the experience and your knowledge you will make it harder to cost compare.

A good marker is being asked questions about your pricing. This means the work you have done up until now has failed to make the benefit outweigh the cost.

So, let’s assume you have at this point won their business. The next step should be simple and impactful.

Have a call to action button such as “Accept Proposal” that lets them get the endorphin filled buzz of an online purchase and progresses their booking to the next stage. Be that a contract or a down payment. There needs to be the instant gratification of completion while they are engaged with your business.

Making Payment



  1. First Impressions Count - Be efficient and impactful
  2. Identify the issue they are trying to overcome - Understand and highlight the pain point and drive that home
  3. Always be benefit driven - Features tell, but benefits sell. Get them on board with why we are doing this.
  4. The Client saves the day -  You are collaborating to achieve their success.
  5. Make accepting easy - Buying is fun, make it easy and instant.
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