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How to Get More Photo Booth Bookings

It’s a familiar scene. You’ve got what you believe to be the greatest website in photo booth business history. You’ve got a killer pricing plan in place and you’re raring and ready to go to make your mark in the industry. But the bookings just don’t seem to be coming in, and it’s becoming a very stressful monster on your shoulder. So what can you do? What do you need to change about your approach to make sure you’ve got business coming in?

Get Your Name Out There

This seems like a gimme but it’s incredibly important and it’s surprising how little of an emphasis some boothers place on it.


Nobody will flock to your website if they simply have no idea you even exist. Getting your business on directories like The Knot and WeddingWire is a huge and important first step that your business should take. Weddings will more often than not be the majority of a photo booth company’s bookings so it’s always a good idea to be visible where people planning a wedding could be looking for booths.

Wedding Shows

In a similar vein, attending things like wedding shows and wedding fairs are a fantastic idea in terms of getting yourself out there. It also allows you to interact with other booth owners. Word of mouth from others in your industry is also something to take advantage of. Getting involved with social media groups for photo booth owners and fostering positive relationships with other boothers could lead to other boothers recommending you for jobs that they can’t or aren’t able to take on. Never underestimate the power of positive word of mouth. It’s what got over a billion hours of Squid Game watched on Netflix, and it’s what could give your business the boost it needs.

Wedding Events

The great thing about weddings is that in amongst the guests at any wedding you service will likely be other people that will eventually also get married and also be looking out for a photo booth company to provide a booth for their special day, and so long as you do a good job, the magic of positive word of mouth will benefit your business and booking intake greatly.

Fundraising & Other Social Events

Ultimately, what’s most important is maximising the amount of exposure you get. This doesn’t mean collabing with the local high school student who thinks themself a social media influencer with their 900 followers on Instagram, but rather taking advantage of big events happening around you. If a charity that you support and also happens to have a sizable following is throwing a big fundraising event - get your business involved! Not only are you getting some hands-on work done, you are also able to use the event to promote yourself and your business by kick starting the spread of word of mouth, with a positive spin attached. Then as long as you have your digital storefronts up and running, you’ll have bookings coming in in no time.

Maximise Your Website's Potential

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