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How to Employ Good Photo Booth Staff

Hiring is an extensive, and challenging process. Employing good staff pays you back with positive effects on employee productivity, a successful employment relationship, and provides a glowing representation of your brand. Hiring bad staff can leave you with more issues needing to be fixed than are being fixed, fail to justify the amount of time you’ve funneled into the employment process, and damage your brand.

Knowing all of this, it’s understandable that this is a process that you want to get absolutely right. So what exactly do you need to do to make sure that you’re hiring the best staff, and what qualities should you be looking for in a good staff member?

Who to Employ

Before setting out and launching your own hunt for new employees, something that would be smart to do first is figure out exactly what kind of employee you want. Figuring this out before anything else will help inform aspects of your recruitment safari, like identifying where the best places to advertise would be or what social media sites to promote on.

So what kind of staff member do you want handling your booth at an event? What qualities do you want from that person? Whoever this is will be representing you and your business at your client’s function. The last thing you want is to send someone to an event that could end up damaging your business’ brand and reputation. Something to also bear in mind is the fact that they will essentially be guests at the event - so somebody able to converse with other guests and foster an appropriate atmosphere would likely be an ideal.

All this is to say that personality is an important aspect that you need to be looking out for when hiring photo booth staff. You could have the greatest salesperson in the world but it would all be for nought if they were an absolute chore to be around. This isn’t to say that skills should be discounted completely - of course not, a  skilled individual would obviously be an ideal candidate - but it’s impossible to ignore the fact that the actions and social skills of your staff while attending your client’s event will have a massive impact on whether or not your client or guests at that party will review you positively and can determine if they would recommend you to their friends. Likewise, consider that you and your other employees will be working with this person as well. A compatible work relationship is always a bonus and can improve morale and productivity.

How to Employ

Now that you have an idea of the kind of person that you want aboard your business, the question is how do you find them? What avenues do you have to tread to find your dream candidate?

Like I said before, figuring out your dream candidate is important because it informs this step of the process, because now you have a target audience.

Recruitment is a sales process in and of itself - the product being employment at your business. With your target audience in hand, you’ll do what you do with any product - sell where your audience is buying. Whether this means turning up at jobs fairs, advertising on social media, or making use of sites like LinkedIn or Indeed, you need to advertise your job offer in places where your ideal candidates will be able to see it.

What you’ll also need to advertise - and something to think about beforehand - is what kind of employment are you offering? Are you offering regular employment or are you looking for a subcontractor?...


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