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Does Automation Scare You?

Fear and panic over automation is real and prevalent - especially with small / new business owners, such as those who makeup the majority of our very own photo booth industry. Those fears are totally understandable. We empathise with business owners who worry that they’ll be ‘losing control’ of their business if they invest in automation, and we understand that there are those who fear that automation will absolve them of their place in the process.

We’re here to eliminate those concerns one by one, and also show you why automation is not a process to be scared of - that instead automation is a process that exists only to be of service to you and a benefit to your business.


‘I’m Scared I’ll Be Handing Over Control of My Business’

For those of us that like to micromanage and like to feel totally in control of every single aspect of every single moving part of our business, the fear regarding automation is simple - you’re afraid that allowing certain aspects of the business to be automated will result in you losing control of the direction of your business. This is a valid concern, but one that is totally incorrect.

The purpose of automated processes is to streamline your systems - not to take you out of them. While the time consuming yet crucial aspects of the process like chasing down leads, sending follow-up emails, or adding leads to mailing lists are automated these aren’t done without your approval. You set the triggers for these commands, you decide and set the time frame for actions, and you are able to change and alter these to your liking. You are in control of your business, always - you’ll just find that you’ll have more time on your hands thanks to automation handling the minutiae of your process.


‘I Don’t Want Everything to Be Automated’

The thought of significant portions of your processes now being automated is understandably daunting. These processes that you’re so used to handling manually and funnelling hours of your time into perfecting - are now being handled by a program. It’s reasonable to be wary of this.

But automations don’t have to take up everything. As we said above, you decide what gets automated. If you don’t want too many things to be automated, then just automate select aspects of your process. Even two or three automated processes allow you to refocus your attention onto other, larger-scale admin jobs that you’ve had on the back burner, while automation handles the smaller processes. Making the system more efficient and more profitable for your business in the long run.


‘I Just Don’t See What the Benefits Are’

Consider the amount of time that you divest into the smaller, day-to-day tasks. Managing booking, chasing leads, following up on payments, managing and arranging your staff, dozens of other small tasks that populate your daily work cycle. 

Think of the hours of manpower that you expend on these tasks that could be better spent on other aspects of your business. Time you could spend strategizing for your brand’s future, communicating with your clientele, investing your time into finding ways to build your business. Automation gifts you this time in spades.

With automation handling the mundane day to day tasks, you’ll find yourself with significant swathes of time freed up for you to dedicate to taking your business to the next level.



We understand that there are concerns about automation and its place in your business. 

Will it replace me? Will it take over all of my tasks? What’s the point? 

But these concerns fail to understand the goal of automation: to make your business more efficient and in turn more profitable. The benefits of automation for your business are endless - there’s a reason why booth businesses that have invested in CRM programs that automate processes have seen increases of up to 29%, with team productivity up by 34%.

Automation is something that is deeply misunderstood by business owners. Something that should be celebrated is often marred by fear and misconceptions. We believe that when you truly understand its potential - its purpose - the possibilities for your business are endless.


About the Author: 

Christina Collins

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