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How To Start A Photo Booth Business

When you start a photo booth business, it would be naive to think that it is a case of just buying the machine, a van to transport it around and a few accessories to brighten up the pictures. That may be the basic dream scenario but in reality, if you are serious about doing this then the question of ‘how to start a photo booth business?’ is the starting point for a very intricate, detailed business plan before you launch. 

Take The Fun Seriously

Photo booth business management is not easy and anyone taking it lightly will be in for a shock when their photo booth booking system is not getting any hits due to a lacklustre attitude. There is a lot of work to do before the first wig is put on a customer holding a blow up parrot and wearing funky disco-glasses for that hilarious, yet gratifying opening snap. Don’t make the mistake of thinking of this as a hobby, bring a corporate attitude and business approach to unleash the potential of your new company by following these important steps.

Plan your business from top to bottom before the first picture is taken by asking yourself some really important questions to get you started:

  • What will you name your business?
  • Who is your target market?
  • How much can you charge customers?
  • What are the startup and ongoing costs?

1. Set Your Goals

There’s a reason why you’re even reading this! Have a goal or a few and work out how you might get there. Are you looking to supplement your income or make this your full time job? What income will it take to get to that point?

2. Define Your Brand

What makes your brand unique and stand out from your competitors. Focus on what you can bring to the table, what problems you can solve for your customers and build the brand around your strengths.

3. Create your Business Plan

Your business plan will guide you through each stage of starting and managing your photobooth business. Consider what your marketing and growth plan is, who your customers are, how you can reach them and what ongoing costs you’ll have.   

4. Create your business website

Arguably the most important part of your brand excluding the end product and service you provide. This is the base of all your success, the foundation to build your nest-egg from. It needs to be eye-catching, engaging, clear and concise without...


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