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How To Write a Photo Booth Business Plan

Photo booths are becoming increasingly popular and add fun to many different venues because it provides something different and communal. What’s more, it’s immediate – you get the photo strip printed in just a few minutes. 

Photo booths work for a range of different sectors from wedding organisers, bars and restaurants to festivals, birthdays and corporate events to name just a few. If you are planning to start or currently run a photo booth business, getting value out of your stock every week or month is essential. That means having a strong photo booth business plan.  

At BoothBook, we’ve put together several tools to help make life much easier for the growing number of photo booth businesses in the UK and around the world today. 

Here, we look at what to include in your business plan and how this can help create greater revenue and brand recognition over time and even act as an effective marketing guide for your enterprise. 

What Is in a Photo Booth Business Plan?

You should have a marketing and growth plan for your business, whatever it is. At a surface level, this means understanding how your photo booths are being used on a day to day basis and the money they are bringing in. 

That plan should be as comprehensive as possible and include actionable points and key performance indicators that help you understand how and what you are achieving. You’ll need to consider several factors when putting together your business plan, including: 

What is the overall cost of your photo booths? 

Knowing your underlying costs is critical if you want to be successful. You need to know how much you paid for a photo booth and what it costs you to run for a month, including for repairs, transport and maintenance. Most importantly, you need to understand how much profit each photo booth brings in and why.  

Who are your customers? 

Some photo booth businesses focus on a certain type of industry. For example, they’ll advertise to wedding planners or festival venues exclusively. The photo booth sector is becoming highly competitive so it’s critical to widen your reach as much as possible. 

Your photo booth business plan should include who you are marketing to and why and what sort of messaging you are sending out.

How to market your photo booth business 

This is even more important and will certainly mean the difference between success and failure, especially online. Great marketing involves...


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