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Should I Buy a 360 Photo Booth?

Nowadays it seems like everybody and their mother is offering a 360° Photo Booth as part of their services, and the appeal for your clients isn’t exactly difficult to see. Who wouldn’t want to use the 360° booth and feel like they’re Lady Gaga posing for the cameras at the Met Gala?

But what about you? They’re certainly the biggest and hottest trend at the moment, but what are the benefits to buying a 360° for you as a photo booth company owner? What exactly do you stand to gain from buying yourself a 360° booth and how do you make it so that your purchase is worth it?

The Pros and the Cons

So what is so attractive about the 360° booth that photo booth owners across the world are falling over themselves to add one to their roster? Let’s address what the pros are first:

A Unique Experience

The appeal for potential clientele is as obvious as the nose on your face. A 360 Booth offers a truly unique interaction for attendees at any event where they’re present, there’s very little else out there that can replicate the experience, and more importantly, the output.

Huge Benefit to Marketing

This output - the flashy 360° video that the booth produces - is an attractive item, not just for your clients but also for you as a photo booth owner. The video produced from the booth is something that could easily be spread across social media by users, and the video itself is something that you could easily brand, meaning that as they get shared, as does your business.

Attractive to Corporate Clients

This marketability aspect is also what makes the 360° booth so attractive to potential clients sourcing them for their corporate event. An easily brandable video that is almost guaranteed to be spread throughout social media makes it a marketing goldmine for your corporate clients, as well as for yourself.

But of course no product is without it’s negative aspects and the 360° booth is certainly no exception to that rule. What then are the drawbacks of the 360° booth?...


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