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Feature Focus #7: Webforms

Are you tracking all your extra event information in one place?

There is so much information to gather for an event. More than just what you collect to know where to show up and to have the event. Do you like to gather other vendors info, day of contacts, theme, and more? What about know how the even went afterwards? How about a checklist for your employees? Are you doing these things over multiple emails and trying to keep it together?

What if I told you that you could easily do this with BoothBook. Just create a webform and gather as much information after the customer has booked as you’d like! Want to create a checklist of equipment for your employees? Also easy with webforms! What about if you want to gather information after the event from the client? Easy! Just have them fill out a webform! If you’re a DJ you can even do your song lists through webforms! Learn more about them here: https://boothbook.freshdesk.com/a/soluti...

So are you going to keep searching through emails and hoping you asked everything you needed to or are you going to keep organized and reduce your stress?

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It's a great tool that's easy to use. It simplifies my life, earns me money while I sleep, and allows me do other things whilst all my admin is taken care of. I love it! It looks professional on my website and customers love how streamlined it is.

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