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The benefits of having a Photobooth Booking System

Photobooth Booking System

I started my Photobooth company in early 2015, but had been a web developer for many years before that.

The first website I built for our company had a basic booking form for people to choose a date, choose some options, and pay their booking deposit online. However, the amount of administration work required to run a Photobooth company in my spare time, alongside my full time job, often meant I spent my late evenings replying to customers, chasing payments, organising people to work with me, let alone running the events every weekend.

It soon became apparant, that the only thing holding my business back from expanding... was me!

Now we have 2 full owners, a full time manager, 19 staff, 4 booths, and a Magic Mirror. This is all down to the first photobooth booking system we built that handled online availability checking, staff assignment and management, online part payments, automated emails and a clear and simple booking list that meant detail was ever missed.

3 years on, we now have the BoothBook photobooth booking system. This is the most advanced software we have ever built, and really does take care of everything you need from a Photobooth Booking System, the main features and customer workflow being...

  1. Online booking - Customers choose date, pick an available unit, choose a package, add extras and add-ons, enter event details, venue details and their own details, leave a personal message then choose to pay deposit or full, and check out.
  2. Automated notifications - After booking, a customer gets a SMS, and email, and the admin also get an email. After payment, the customer gets a reciept, and their payment is logged on the booking.
  3. During the months before the customers event, customers can look up their booking through your website, or you can send SMS or email links for them to manage their booking online - a simple page with all of their booking details that allows them to pay their remaining balance in small chunks, or all at once. 
  4. Customers can also pay you via other methods such as credit card over the phone, and you can log these payments on their booking. This does wonders for your customer service, as any member of your company will see all of the customers history by looking up their event date, booking ID, or last name.
  5. In the month before the customers event, you can assign your staff to their booking, and your staff will recieve an assignment notification. They can log in and "confirm" all the bookings that they can work, and this information will appear on your dashboard.
  6. After the evening of the event, you or your staff can upload the photos to your gallery website, and then copy and paste the link into the booking system, and automated emails and SMS messages will go out to your customer showing them the way to their gallery.


Photobooth Booking System

The biggest, most amazing part of having this booking system in our lives, is that the customers have never been happier. While the emails are generally all automated, you can theme your emails yourself and set your default text responses. We opt for plain text emails in almost every occurance to make it feel like we are responding to every customer personally. 

With the launch planned for mid April, I cannot wait to share it with you!


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