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Dedicated Photo Booth Booking System & CRM

BoothBook & BoothGallery- The Ultimate in Automation



BoothBook is the CRM and booking service made by photobooth owners for photobooth owners. We have dedicated our working lives to making the day to day tasks of all photobooth owners a darn sight easier.

We created BoothBook when the current solutions just weren’t cutting it. We thought why pay for a generic CRM, a generic booking system, staff scheduling software and esign contract software when we can create one piece of software that is photobooth specific and will be considerably cheaper.

Our users have helped us to build BoothBook to be the most comprehensive photobooth specific CRM and booking system. We don’t believe in half measures or cut corners, if we release a feature, you will wonder how you ever lived without it before now.

Our users often ask us for our recommendations for gallery hosting, there are a few out there but none of them offered everything we wanted.


That is all we needed for our next big release, the photobooth owners’ gallery… BoothGallery!


BoothGallery has a customisable widget that can be displayed on your website to link to your galleries.

  • It offers a whopping 5GB of hosting FREE for anyone… 5GB!! You can literally get hundreds of albums on there and its not just images, GIFs and MP4 videos are welcome too.
  • Automatic facebook uploads, you input the information once and let us do the heavy lifting.
  • Password protection for your customers safety.
  • Brandable microsites which allow easy sharing to social media platforms for a really professional experience.
  • Analytics suite or google analytics so you can even track just how well the event went down.

This is our initial release and we have plenty more on the way… Easy is just getting easier!

The best bit of all is that if you are a Basic or Pro user of BoothBook, you get the unlimited Pro BoothGallery account with all features and unlimited uploads absolutely FREE… Nothing. Not a penny.


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