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Could you be securing more profitable clients?

You’re busy all the time, and there are plenty of jobs in the diary – but profits are still low.  And you don’t have enough time to attract the bigger clients you know will take you to the next level…
So where did things go wrong?  And, more importantly, how can you put things right?


First, consider the bookings you are getting

Your diary is probably full of the simpler, bread and butter events. It’s easy to see these as good, regular ‘bill-payers’ – nothing too demanding, hand over the strip prints, stick in the invoice and move on.
But look a little deeper...
Although the events themselves aren’t time-consuming, they often involve just as much communication and admin as those more elaborate and creative events you know will bring in the bigger bucks. As a small, possibly even one-person business, your most valuable resource is time.
And a huge chunk of yours is tied-up taking bookings, confirming bookings, liasing with customers, sending invoices and managing staff for the event.


So you’re busy, but you’re not busy making money.  And you don’t have enough time left over to find new business. If you take a step back and consider the admin process behind these bookings, you’ll see it’s actually the same process each time, with a different name and date on the file.

Such work is systematic and repetitive (and, let’s face it, really boring) – which means it’s also ripe for automation. Let BoothBook look after the whole process - it bolts straight onto your website and is more efficient that you could ever be! You can still book in those bread and butter jobs – but now they are far more profitable.  And (ta-dah!) you’ve also magicked-up yourself some more of that super-valuable resource - time.


What makes you stand out from others in the industry?

How you use that extra time to develop your business is down to you, of course (and we’ll be looking at some innovative ideas in future blogs), but if you’re after those bigger clients, you’ll need to offer them something a bit special.
You could explore new creative ideas by first checking out what other companies are offering.  There are thousands of great ideas out there - zoom in on something currently unavailable in your local market.  And once you’ve got something new to offer, go offer it!  

Networking through local business groups is often one of the simplest and most effective ways to get the word out there.  And yes, we’ll be looking at some other ways of finding new business in future blogs! Watch this space...

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