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How can I send Proposals better?

How are you currently sending Proposals?

So you're one step ahead and already have Proposals on your day-to-day to do list. Before we get stuck in, I assume one or more of the below scenerios sound familiar to you?

All of the above process have advantages and disadvantages, however they could ALL be improved to help your business become more profitable and close more deals faster. How? Well, by using Proposals by BoothBook of course. 

Here at BoothBook we did thorough research and development into what we (as fellow photo booth owners) and our customers were after and where their pain points currently were with sending Proposals. This is where Proposals (v2) by BoothBook came about; we wanted to welcome this feature to existing BoothBook users AND new business owners that are looking for a simple yet beautiful, interactive and all in one tool to pitch successfully to their prospective leads. 


Time to get excited...

We believe the below key features of the tool could be what you're currently missing with your current processes and will improve your workflow and efficiency with leads. 

  • Pre-Designed Templates
    Blow your competition out of the water with up to 6 (and counting!) of our beautifully considered, pre-designed proposal themes to give you a huge head start on your design work.
  • Curated & Bespoke Colour Palettes
    Set the tone for your leads event with our stunning colour presets. Or if you'd prefer, express your creativity with our custom colour palette option which is a great tool when needing to match a brands colour scheme.
  • Custom Quotes
    Fulfill your prospective clients needs by creating a bespoke quote with exclusive prices and package names to make them feel unique, and utlimately leading them one step closer to converting. 
  • HTML Text Editor
    Keep your content relatable with the HTML live editor including styling ie. text size/height/links/formatting, translatable and the ability to add variables ie. {{event_name}}
  • Free Image Library
    Never run out of themed content again with free unlimited gallery access to the, PB Backdrops and the ability to upload your own images!
  • Undo/Redo Buttons
    Being unable to undo a past edit is always the most frustrating feeling, so by adding an undo/redo button to all proposals, it allows you to be indecisive until you're 100% happy. 
  • Stock Reservation
    Choose to reserve your proposal package until their event date or set a cut off date to put pressure on your leads to book.
  • Send Proposal Engagement Analytics & Alerts
    Stay on top on your leads with our analytics page; this allows you to understand who has been sent & viewed your proposal. Go one step further with email alerts notifying you once a lead has opened your proposal so you can make appropriate contact while their beautiful proposal it still fresh in their mind. 
  • Save Templates
    Save hours of time and create and send a proposal in 15 seconds (yes we've done it!) based on the ability to save and load your favourite template designs for new leads.
  • Mobile Responsive
    Based on the amount our society relies on managing everything on a mobile, we've made our proposal templates interactive on a mobile so your lead can view and accept your proposal on the go. 
  • Auto-set currency
    Your package prices will automatically sync up with your business details based on your BoothBook set up; streamlining the process and saving edit time.
  • Convert to booking functionality
    Streamline the process for the lead by simply allowing them to accept the proposal and instantly convert them as a booking. Alternatively they can amend the booking and let them take control by editing the quote on your booking form before proceeding.
  • Amend/Accept buttons
    The ability to hide or show the accept or amend buttons allows you to control the actions your lead can take. You may use the proposal as a 'leaflet' type document where you convert the booking yourself. The possibilities are endless!
  • Hide your original prices
    The great thing about, and sometimes the sole purpose of a proposal, is to create a bespoke proposal and package for that customer, where your leads are unable to see your actual prices on your booking form. This can help you justify your upsell and bespoke services and allow you to charge more because they have nothing to compare against. 


BoothBook; your online automated booking system and business management tool to help you become more profitable, save hours and start focusing on enjoying life again! 

BoothBook freed up my time, so rather than working as a secretary, I could get back to being a Director and focussing on revenue. As well as that, having everything – CMS, CRM, Accounting, Resources, HR, Project Management – built into one system, it has helped ensure accountability and clear communication across the business.

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