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Awesome Feature #2: PB Backdrops Integration

Do you have awesome backdrops and want to show them off? Did you purchase them from PB Backdrops and just love the images that they provide and want everyone to see the amazing quality that they offer? We do too and it’s why we choose to integrate with their awesome products!

The fact that you can easily add their backdrops to your backdrop selection and not worry about finding a high quality image makes your life that much easier! Not only that, but you know it’ll make it so much easier when you build in backdrop selection to your booking form and you no longer have to worry about double booking backdrops! Read more about that here:

But it doesn’t end there, what if you want to offer a seamlessly endless supply of custom backdrops? That's also amazingly easy with PB Backdrops integration! You can offer an upsell for a custom backdrop and integrate with the PB Backdrops Widget into the client portal and let the client choose the backdrop they would like to custom order and have it notify you of their choice! No more sending them endless emails of different selections or you trying to guess what they want! Learn more about the integrations here:

Without PB backdrops integration, how would you show off his amazing backdrops and allow customers to choose the one that they want most? How many hours would you lose trying to nail down their perfect choice? Save yourself time and frustration and choose BoothBook!

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