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Setting up BoothBook - What Next?

So you've followed the Setup Guide, setup checklist within your system, and you're ready to start taking bookings online. But where to next to ensure you're using BoothBook effectively for your business? 

You need to get customers and their information into your booking journey in order to save you more time, money and help drive more custom to your business.


1. Add Existing Bookings 

Add in Existing Bookings one by one or import booking information more efficiently via the Leads CSV Importer & Convert to Booking.


2. Add Existing Leads

Add in Leads one by one or import many at a time with the Lead information via the Leads CSV Importer.


3. Tell Your Website Visitors How To Book

Visitors won't know how to book unless you tell them - Let Customers Book Directly from Your Website.


4. Increase Your Amount of Leads 

Improve SEO on your website to increase traffic to your booking journey with the SEO Blitz. Build relationships to generate more new leads into your BoothBook with Reps.


5. Increase Your Conversions

Send prospective clients personalised and professional quotes with our Proposals Suite.


6. Further Improve Your Organisation and Productivity

Schedule automatic yet personalised payments reminders, encourage add-ons and repeat booking with our Automations SuiteManage client contact with Conversations. Manage daily operations and staff duties with Tasks. Improve productivity, communication and customer experience questionnaires with Webforms.


Need More Support?

Look for the Need Help? in your dashboard to Search Help Articles. As your knowledge of using BoothBook increases, you will improve:

  • The configuration for your unique company
  • The training of your staff
  • The trust in your system to run your business

And if you haven't already, join the Facebook BoothBook Owners Group where Boothbook owners share ideas and offer peer-to-peer support.

About the Author: 

I’d be lost if it wasn’t for BoothBook. It has transformed the way I’m able to get my business to the next level. It has freed up my time, so I'm not stuck with the daily admin duties I was dealing with like sending invoices, getting contracts signed and collecting payments.

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